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Dates of upcoming careers events at The Farnborough Academy

Wednesday 27th September 2017 - The Farnborough Academy Careers Fair - All pupils and parents from years 9, 10 and 11 welcome!

Tuesday 26th September 2017 - 10 Year 10 pupils first trip to East Midlands Airport as part of 'Accelerating Confidence' Project.

Thursday 5th October 2017- Nottingham Trent University hosting assembly for Year 10

Tuesday 10th October 2017 - Campus visit to University of Nottingham for year 11 pupils involved with 'Ambition project'

Thursday 12th October 2017 - Bright Day - Bright Futures with year 11 preparing for 'next steps' including a visit to the careers fair at Harvey Hadden and a number of tailored workshops throughout the day to support the pupils.

Wednesday 18th October 2017 - 4.30pm - Meeting in the Lecture Hall for pupils and parents selected for 'business mentoring' 

Thursday 19th October 2017 - 'Accelerating confidence' year 10 pupils trip to East Midlands Airport.

Tuesday 7th November 2017 - 'Event Spark' pupils planning meeting after school.

 Wednesday 8th November 2017 - Identified pupils in year 11 working with 'ideas for careers' to support with planning for the future.

Wednesday 15th November 2017 - Year 11 assembly led by 'Police Cadets' re the number of opportunities available to pupils.

Thursday 16th November 2017 - Young Professionals Conference at Pride Park Derby for identified pupils in year 11.

Wednesday 22nd November 2017 - Second workshop for year 11 pupils working with 'Ideas for Careers'

Monday 27th November 2017 - First session feedback for pupils on 'Accelerating Confidence' project

Wednesday 29th November 2017 - Accelerating Confidence - year 10 pupils to East Midlands Airport

Friday 1st December 2017 - Bright Day - Bright Futures with year 10 preparing for work experience.