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Accelerating Confidence Project - Year 10

 In September 2017 all our year 10 pupils attended an assembly hosted by East Midlands Airport. The purpose of the assembly was to launch a new exciting project 'Accelerating Confidence' The aim of the project is to inspire 10 young people with a view to raising their aspirations. The pupils will then get the opportunity to experience a new environment and work place and along the way will be learning and practicing new skills and gaining a greater self awareness of their own personal qualities whilst growing in confidence.

An added incentive for the project is that all the sessions will be filmed in order for the pupils progress to be tracked and fed back to them on an individual basis.(EMA project only)

See photo below of some of the pupils, involved in the project, interviewing a pilot from Easy Jet!

This project was a huge success gaining media interest due its unique nature and for the impact it had on the pupils involved.

We are delighted that this success has prompted a number of other large businesses to get involved in the project. In the later part of the academic year; British Gypsum, Crowne Plaza Hotel and Nottingham Trent University came on board with the project allowing a further 30 pupils, in year 10, to be linked with a business.

Starting the academic year 2018/19 we now have 6 businesses involved in the project as Nottingham City Homes and J Tomlinsons have also joined the project. This enables at least 60 pupils, in our current year ten, to be linked with a business and be able to develop their employability skills.

Business Mentoring - Year 11

A number of our year 11 pupils have been allocated a business mentor to support them in the lead up to their GCSE exams. We have mentors from large companies such as; Rolls Royce and British Gypsum. The role of the business mentor is to look at the pupils’ goals and aspirations and identify what action they need to take to take to assist in helping the pupils to achieve these.

We have also acquired business mentors from the businesses involved in the 'Accelerating Confidence' project which is another great advantage of the project.